Curtis Rodgers founded SCS in 2014 after surveying a group of construction technology entrepreneurs in need of a professional organization; the survey results became the SCS charter, which seeks to eliminate the reasons a qualified person would not attend.



  • To support the technological advancement of the construction process.


  • Community
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship
  • Expertise
  • Progress
  • Simplicity
  • Utility


  • Attendance at meetings is limited to two attendees per organization.
  • All organizations are welcome, but Chapter Leadership maintains the right to add and remove members.
  • No membership dues, but members should be prepared to pay for food & beverage (ultimately up to Chapter Leadership).


  • Meetings are roughly every other month, at the convenience of the Chapter Leadership.
  • Meeting announcements are sent out by Chapter Leadership.
  • Typical meeting structure:
    • Happy hour starting at ~5pm.
    • Formal introductions and brief announcements by everyone in attendance for ~20 minutes.
      • Meeting spaces are a round-table format, as a way of facilitating new connections.
    • Ten slide presentation from a featured speakers for about ~30 minutes.
    • Group dinner.

chapter leaders

  • Construction professionals who have the capacity and morality to lead their community.
  • Invited to attend the annual SCS Leadership Summit.